One Piece at a Time

Michael Thomas Sunnarborg
2 min readSep 29, 2021

“How do we create our ‘new normal’? The same way we put together a puzzle — one piece at a time.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has given each of us the opportunity to create new experiences in so many areas of our lives: work, home, and relationships-and also to re-create many of those aspects into something new.

So, how do we create this “new normal”? The same way we put together a puzzle- one piece at a time.

And considering that most things are moving very slowly right now, it may be our only realistic option.

But that’s okay.

Whereas many facets of our world have yet to re-start, we can begin with ourselves anytime.

But how?

By simply stopping, stepping back, and reconsidering our choices. Even using a simple tool like “Start, Stop, Continue” can help us re-evaluate our choices-another way to give our minds the chance to sort and reconsider our priorities.

Another tool is journaling. Writing down our thoughts and feelings on paper can transform their energy into tangible ideas. And once our ideas are written somewhere, we don’t have to use our valuable energy to remember them.

And, of course, the most powerful way to process choices is to talk them out with a counselor, family member, or trusted friend. The…



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